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  • Milsatcom
  • Space ISR
  • Space Domain Awareness
  • Earth Observation
  • Geospatial
  • Multi-Orbits
  • Satcom
  • Space Security
  • PNT
  • Defence Industry
  • Space Industry

Our Speakers. Key experts & leaders.

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Photo of Adel Al-Saleh
Adel Al-Saleh
Photo of William Joo
William Joo
Special Project Manager, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, US Navy
Photo of Michael Jones
Michael Jones
Deputy Head of Engineering, Roke
Photo of Eric Brown
Eric Brown
VP, Mission Strategy & Advanced Capabilities Comms, PNT, & Space Security, Lockheed Martin
Photo of Josef Nemec
Josef Nemec
Technical Director, GovSat
Photo of Laryssa Patten
Laryssa Patten
Head, Space Technology Adoption & Resilience, & Chief Technology Office, NATO NCIA
Photo of Andy Rayner
Andy Rayner
Skynet Campaign Director, Lockheed Martin Space
Photo of Andy Challen
Andy Challen
VP Missions Sales UK, ICEYE
Photo of Air Commodore Peter Round
Air Commodore Peter Round
VP Business Development, Defence and Intelligence, Earth Daily Analytics
Photo of Oleksandr V Danylyuk
Oleksandr V Danylyuk
Chairman, Center for Defense Reforms. Expert in Russian multidimensional warfare
Photo of Nick Shave
Nick Shave
Managing Director, Astroscale Limited
Photo of Philip Harlow
Philip Harlow
President, Telesat Government Solutions
Photo of Justin Keller
Justin Keller
Director, Advanced Communications, Lockheed Martin Space
Photo of Captain Phil Coope
Captain Phil Coope
Captain (RN) Phil Coope, Deputy Head of Space, Strategic Command, UK
Photo of Ricky Freeman
Ricky Freeman
President, KGS, LLC and Vice President, Amazon’s Kuiper Government Solutions
Photo of Todd Gossett
Todd Gossett
Vice President for Space & National Security Initiatives, SES Space & Defense
Photo of Andy Proctor
Andy Proctor
Chair, PNT Advisory Group, Royal Institute of Navigation & Director, RethinkPNT
Photo of Gp Capt Ben Sharp
Gp Capt Ben Sharp
Director Space ISR programme, UK Space Command
Photo of John Loizou
John Loizou
Director, Jaylambda Ltd
Photo of Charlotte M. Gerhart
Charlotte M. Gerhart
Chief, Tactical SATCOM Acquisition Delta, MilComm & PNT Directorate, Space Systems Command
Photo of Nik Smith
Nik Smith
Regional Director UK & Europe - Lockheed Martin Space
Photo of Thomas Eggenweiler
Thomas Eggenweiler
Commercial Director, Neuraspace
Photo of Nikki Antoniou, CEng
Nikki Antoniou, CEng
ISR Team Lead, UK NEO Future Programmes, Airbus Defence and Space Ltd.
Photo of Andy Lincoln
Andy Lincoln
Vice-President, Chief Engineer - Viasat Global Space Networks
Photo of Rory Welch
Rory Welch
Vice President of Global Government & Satellite Services, Intelsat
Photo of CDRE David Moody RN
CDRE David Moody RN
Head of Space Capability, UK Space Command
Photo of Clinton Clark
Clinton Clark
Chief Growth Officer and Vice President of First Impressions
Photo of Gurur Gaye Günal
Gurur Gaye Günal
Lawyer and CEO of Şira Space
Photo of Wing Commander Dave Black
Wing Commander Dave Black
UK Space Command Satellite Coordination, UK MoD
Photo of Paul Wells
Paul Wells
Chief Satcom Engineer - UK MoD/Defence Digital
Photo of Dave Davis
Dave Davis
Technical Director - Global Government, ST Engineering iDirect
Photo of Stuart Taylor
Stuart Taylor
President and CEO, Allied Forces Foundation
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What's on Event Schedule

Over 20 talks covering MilSatcom, Space Based ISR & Earth Observation, Space Based Navigation, Space Domain Awareness, National programmes and Space Security & Cyber Strategies.

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Sept. 10 — 11 2024. Kings Place, London.

  • Milsatcom
  • Space ISR
  • Space Domain Awareness
  • Earth Observation
  • Geospatial
  • Multi-Orbits
  • Satcom
  • Space Security
  • PNT
  • Defence Industry
  • Space Industry
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